Last Chance, Here’s The Deal…

The blog has moved… so here is the deal.

I want you to follow the blog but I have moved it so you are looking in the wrong place. I am going to post some awesome pics from a recent camping trip but I will not be posting anything here. You will need to head over to and shortly there will be a new post. If you don’t though, this URL will shortly direct you to the new website. In the sadest of scenarios though where you are following a RSS feed and want to know what is in the happening you will need to add to your reader as the current feed will no longer work.

see you soon at the new location. In case you forgot it is


*** The blog is moving ***

That is right, you read that title correct. After 215 posts and more than 19 months I am moving the blog off the coat-tails of WordPress. The intention is still the same. Photos, adventure, life and friends but the location is different. Think of this as moving from a cozy, low-ceilinged basement suite to a loft apartment with great light and a world of opportunity.

So here it is (insert drumroll here) – the new blog can be found at In a week or so, I will be directing all traffic to the new URL, so check it out soon and update your reader!


Another Shot at Time-lapse From a Different Perspective

I have done a few time-lapse videos over the past 18 months or so. This one is a little different though. This was taken from one perspective through the whole video. That perspective is from my chest. Mounting the camera to my chest using the strap and a bicycle tube I took a photo every second while riding a local favorite XC loop. I set this up with a 10mm lens at 1/50th of a second for the ride. Cool result too, a little rough at times but worked pretty well. I would consider doing this again with a tighter mount and a slightly shorter exposure time.

You be the judge though, what do you think?

Scaling the Walls of Black Mountain

Black Mountain Panorama

There are so many hikes in and around the Vancouver area. One pretty famous trail is the Baden Powell. While not many people hike the 45km trail that runs from Deep Cove to Horeshoe Bay there are segments that make for great day hikes. There is one such segment that starts at the West end of the Trail in Horseshoe bay. A small pullout next to the ferry on Horseshoe Bay Road marks the trail head and the hike starts off wide and moderate. Soon though the trail starts up the steep side-slope of Black Mountain. This is a switchback climb that makes your quads and glutes have a bit of a workout. There are also a couple of Rock-Slide areas that you must scale to get to the top. Not overly challenging just a bit of a workout and some uneasy footing. Once through the slide areas there is a little more trail before an easy rock scramble to the top. Once at the summit there is a 270 degree view looking from the sunshine coast panning over to downtown. Beautiful hike and a great reward. This took around 3hrs return at a decent hiking pace.

I found this info on the hike. I don’t Buy it though. I would peg it more around 12km. It is also listed as a 7hr hike

Elevation Gain: 1192 m
Start Elevation: 25 m
Max Elevation: 1217 m
Total Distance: 16.0 km (return)










A Hike around Buntzen Lake

Buntzen lake is located in Port Moody BC. It is a great summer retreat away from the city without really going all that far. There is a hike around the lake that is about 8km long and is not too challenging. There is a beach half way around as well that is generally much quieter than the one closer to the park entrance.

The hike is a great way to spend a sunny day and taking a dip in the lake is very refreshing.






The Sound Of Wedding Bells Ringing

Went to a friends wedding last weekend. It was in Squamish at the Sunwolf Outdoor Centre. It is a beautiful location for a beautiful wedding. I brought my camera and snapped a few photos along the way. The problem with weddings though is that you can’t be a photographer and a guest… I was a guest.

Beautiful Wedding!







Danny Macaskill and Ryan Leech – Legends Unite

Whistler’s Kokanee Crankworx is all about Going Big. Whether it is DH, Slalom, Slopestyle or even Cheese Rolling, Crankworx will always push it up one notch and go a little farther than expected or even imagined possible. With that in mind there is almost a pre-conceived notion for the festival that can almost make it seem predictable. This past Saturday however, The Ryan Leech Trials Demonstration was a little different than the usual.

Youtube sensation and trials/street riding extraordinaire Danny Macaskill made a guest appearance at the 2pm Ryan Leech Trials Demonstration where the two rode together for the first time ever. While they are both masters of the sport, the riding styles of Ryan and Danny could not be more different. Ryan is a a composed, methodical and precise rider while Danny is Fluid, momentum driven and powerful rider. As I said, both incredible to watch, but still approach each obstacle in a completely different manner.








Crankworx, another year another massive festival

Every year Crankworx seems to get just a little bigger. The event brings the worlds best to Whistler BC for a week and a half of racing/competing action. From racing to slopestyle, pumptrack to photos really this is the biggest cycing competition in the world. While I have not had the time to see everything, The Ryan Leech trials demo and the best trick competition have been highlights as of so far. With that in mind, these are a few shots from said events.












Launching into next year, the kickoff of 2012

Last week was the first time the 2012 Norco Bikes were shown outside headquarters. Select dealers from around the world were in attendance getting a chance to see, learn and ride the latest from the lineup. With some sun, rain, and everything between it was a whole lot of work but still a lot of fun. Situated in North Vancouver we next head up to Whistler’s Crankworx Festival for the Media Launch.








A Weekend of Birthday Celebration – Happy 125th Vancouver

The third day of Vancouver 125 Birthday Celebrations (I only went to 2) was a whole line-up of musical acts but the headline evening concert was the Recent Vancouver Legend Dan Mangan. Playing in his Home-town City Dan brought life to the massive crowd putting on an awesome show.

Happy Birthday Vancouver!