Who I am and What I am Doing

My name is Dustan  and I do not proclaim to be a photographer. I have a camera and I do not use the green square… nothing more, nothing less.

Mostly for personal betterment I took it upon myself to provide a picture a day for as long as possible. And…that lasted a hundred and some-odd-days. Unfortunately after a stint of about 12 weeks of being home less than two weeks, I had to throw in the towel. Instead of a photo every day, I will now post a photo summary of each adventure, trip or endeavor that I may take on. The point of this endeavor is to not only improve my photography but also reach outside the confines of my comfort zone. Since you are reading this, you likely have an opinion on either the photos up on this blog or something around it – so share… what are you thinking?


  1. Hi Dustan,
    I’m Justin Kerr’s girlfriend. I’ve sent out a race update about Justin to roadcycling.co.nz and wanted to include a few of the great pics you took of him and the team. Wondering if I could get your consent?

    I saw the pics on Flickr:
    BC_Champs_hrblock 249


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  3. Just keep shooting. I have tried my hand at photography and I get discuraged with the results and quit photographing for a while and the I will see something that inspires me and I will start all over again.

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