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A Hike around Buntzen Lake

Buntzen lake is located in Port Moody BC. It is a great summer retreat away from the city without really going all that far. There is a hike around the lake that is about 8km long and is not too challenging. There is a beach half way around as well that is generally much quieter than the one closer to the park entrance.

The hike is a great way to spend a sunny day and taking a dip in the lake is very refreshing.






The beach is that way

Another day in the city… Life is tough…

Some time down by the Pier

The Boat House

A nice calm day in the harbour.

Sunrise in the City

Sunrise… This photo is taken from Port Moody of Sunrise over Coquitlam BC.  Great Colours

Moody photo from Moody

Today’s photo is riding on Eagle Mountain in Port Moody BC. The rider is the focus of the shot but really the feeling of the photo comes from the fog in the trees.