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Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival

Whistler’s Kokanee Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival is the largest cycling event in North America. Spanning over the course of 9 Days there are more than a dozen different races and competitions wowing the crowds. I had the privilege of spending 7 days in Whistler this year during the festival and took a few photos over the course of the week.  The event is huge and is definitely worth watching. Next year, if you have a few days to spare head on up to Whistler and take in some of the action.

Angie Racing the Pumptrack

Spectators at the Slopestyle

Fionn Racing the Canadian Open DH

Sam Dueck Superflipping for the crowd. This photo won Photo of the Day at

More photos at:

Hiking the Tetrahedron Provincial Park

A great place to go hiking/camping is the Tetrahedron Provincial Park. Out of Sechelt BC, this is a ski/snowshoe area in the winter and a great hike in the summer. There are 4 cabins in the area ranging from 2-10km from the main parking lot. These photos are the hike out to Mt Steele which is about 8km out. This hike can be done in a day but also makes for a great over night trip. More info on the area can be found at Also a few more photos can be found on flickr at

Hiking the Lions – The top of our local world

The Lions Peak is a mountain behind Cypress outside of Vancouver. The hike starts in Lions bay off highway 99 heading up towards Squamish/Whistler. The total hike takes anywhere from 5-8hrs depending on how fast you plan to go. A great day hike, or you can even camp out if you are feeling it. While I was recently doing this hike, someone actually fell into a crevasse and had to be heli-rescued. Here are some photos from the day’s hike.

A Few Days in Whitehorse

So, after my trip to the Dawson City Music Festival, I spent a few days in Whitehorse to see some friends and do some mountain biking. The views up here are incredible, the people are the kindest I have ever experienced and the whole city is just a lot of fun. This is the second time I have been to Whitehorse and I hope to go back again soon. Here are some photos from the trip. If you have a chance call up Air North and book a trip! It is worth it!!

The Dawson City Music Festival

I recently made a trip to the Yukon Territory where I went to the Dawson City Music Festival. The festival featured Dan Mangan, Fred Penner, Elliot Brood and many more artists all performing under the midnight sun. This was an incredible event and I would go back in a heartbeat. Who knows, maybe next year.