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Another Shot at Time-lapse From a Different Perspective

I have done a few time-lapse videos over the past 18 months or so. This one is a little different though. This was taken from one perspective through the whole video. That perspective is from my chest. Mounting the camera to my chest using the strap and a bicycle tube I took a photo every second while riding a local favorite XC loop. I set this up with a 10mm lens at 1/50th of a second for the ride. Cool result too, a little rough at times but worked pretty well. I would consider doing this again with a tighter mount and a slightly shorter exposure time.

You be the judge though, what do you think?

Another Dry Sea Otter – They are better that way!

Another year, another trip to the wonderful Sea Otter Classic. Four days of racing, riding, demos, events and trade-show awesomeness!!! Looking back the trip down south was 11 days 4000km, 6 burritos, too much beer, one ride and about 20GB of media to work my way through. Here are a few photos from the trip. Next year, think about heading down, it is a whole lot of fun.










and a short little video that I through together just for the fun of it…

California – Mid-Trip Update

Down in California soaking in the rays at the 2011 Sea Otter Classic. Situated at the world famous Laguna Seca raceway in Monterey California motor-heads and video-game aficionados can drool over the location. Despite the octane-centric frame of mind, once a year four days of pedal bike action take over the raceway. After the drive south from Vancouver and two days of the show, this is the halfway point in the event. To commemorate this momentous occasion, here are a few photos as of so far.








I thought spring was here, apparently I was wrong.

Coming up to the end of February, it seemed to me that Spring was close. It was getting warmer, flowers were starting to sprout and the days were seeming longer. With that in mind, the bike came out and was ready to spring into the season. But… then it started snowing, raining, freezing and getting pretty much miserable. Oh well, any day on the bike is a good one right?





Starting off 2011 with a bit of a slower pace

The start of 2011 was not necessarily one big adventure. I had no grand destination, no epic ascent, no definable goals of discernible value. This is no white flag though, I have not thrown in the towel on life and all things adventurous. Rather the opposite occurred, for the winter break I took it upon myself to enjoy some of the short and sweet gems close to home. Through snowshoeing, mountain biking, running, and spending time with good friends the holiday and new year was brought in with smiles, friends and high expectations in the year to come.

The following photos are justifiably not all related and not all part of one single story. They do all though, represent the theme of the holidays. These photos show the beauty of the outdoor world, the beauty of the city around and the joy of spending time with friends.

As Cheesy as this all sounds, it is ultimately true…


Happy New Year







A December Break in Sunny-Sunny California

Through work, I recently took a road trip down into Southern California. The trip was a total of 12 days, 5500km and some excellent mountain biking. Not to mention the sunny, warm weather that was a healthy distraction from the monotony of a Vancouver winter. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vancouver but it sure is nice to break up the winter rains with a few rays. Here are a few photos from the trip.

Sun Bleached Beaches in San Clemente

This Pelican has the right idea! (San Clemente)


Riding a rock line in the Cleveland National Forest


Climbing the ridge in Santa Barbara



The Wind Farms heading into Tehachapi

The view over Santa Barbara from the neighboring hills


Moab Utah – Red Rock Rumble

So, I was recently able to make a trek to Moab Utah (for the second time) and what an area it is. From incredible vistas, amazing rock formations and a sporting environment out of this world if you have never been I would suggest adding it to the list. Here are a few photos from the trip.

Adoring the View

Wile-E-Coyote Rock

A beautiful spire


The Weather Can Change in a Heartbeat

There are a few photos but there are many more up in this flickr album. Have a look through and comment on anything you like. I also through together a bit of a photo/video montage from that trip so if you have a few minutes to spare check this out!

Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival

Whistler’s Kokanee Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival is the largest cycling event in North America. Spanning over the course of 9 Days there are more than a dozen different races and competitions wowing the crowds. I had the privilege of spending 7 days in Whistler this year during the festival and took a few photos over the course of the week.  The event is huge and is definitely worth watching. Next year, if you have a few days to spare head on up to Whistler and take in some of the action.

Angie Racing the Pumptrack

Spectators at the Slopestyle

Fionn Racing the Canadian Open DH

Sam Dueck Superflipping for the crowd. This photo won Photo of the Day at

More photos at:

A Few Days in Whitehorse

So, after my trip to the Dawson City Music Festival, I spent a few days in Whitehorse to see some friends and do some mountain biking. The views up here are incredible, the people are the kindest I have ever experienced and the whole city is just a lot of fun. This is the second time I have been to Whitehorse and I hope to go back again soon. Here are some photos from the trip. If you have a chance call up Air North and book a trip! It is worth it!!

A little behind the times….

Well… After 166 posts, I failed. . . I have just been too busy, on the road, away from a computer, … having too much fun. I neglected the blog and now my feebled attempt at persistence has shattered on the ground before me.

So, moving foreward… I still want to make regular posts but I am going to concentrate more on each trip, adventure or whatever and posting a few photos that help to tell the story.

I just need a new name for the blog now?

I’ll be back soon with some photos from my latest adventure.