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Another Shot at Time-lapse From a Different Perspective

I have done a few time-lapse videos over the past 18 months or so. This one is a little different though. This was taken from one perspective through the whole video. That perspective is from my chest. Mounting the camera to my chest using the strap and a bicycle tube I took a photo every second while riding a local favorite XC loop. I set this up with a 10mm lens at 1/50th of a second for the ride. Cool result too, a little rough at times but worked pretty well. I would consider doing this again with a tighter mount and a slightly shorter exposure time.

You be the judge though, what do you think?

A Teaser of A Thought

I was thinking about the summer and how it always seems to fly past way too quickly. That thought echoing through my head I came up with the idea of combining the summer into one super-awesome time-lapse video. I have never done anything this complex but I might as well give it a try. Newfound keen-ness in hand, this was the first shorty segment that I put together. Not saying this will make it into the final cut but it is something to start with.

Another Ride To Conquer Cancer Alberta Post – This Time Video

I put up a post about the 2011 Ride To Conquer Cancer Alberta a couple of days ago but I have had a bit of time today and put together a recap video consisting of time lapse and some photos. What do you think?

The Ride To Conquer Cancer – In a slightly elongated nutshell

This is a time lapse video from the half way camp in the 2010 BC Ride To Conquer Cancer. This was approximately 2000 photos crammed into a little over 2 minutes. Enjoy!

3rd time is the charm,

Here is a my third time lapse that I have done. This is a Bike To Work Week station in Vancouver BC. The song is “The Mop” by Shugo Tokumaru.

Bike to Work Week – making it intense!

Since it is bike to work week and I have spent the last two mornings absolutely soaked on my 25km commute into work I figured I would do something about that today. Here is the route in about 1:44.  Sum41 also makes commuting by bike seem much more intense. . . not that it isn’t extreme on its own…

Something totally different – Time Lapse

Today I thought I would try something totally different. It may not be the best example out there but this is my first attempt at creating a time lapse video. This is the view over Vancouver from Burnaby as the sun is going down. I had fun making this and may have to try a different execution of it soon!