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Last Chance, Here’s The Deal…

The blog has moved… so here is the deal.

I want you to follow the blog but I have moved it so you are looking in the wrong place. I am going to post some awesome pics from a recent camping trip but I will not be posting anything here. You will need to head over to and shortly there will be a new post. If you don’t though, this URL will shortly direct you to the new website. In the sadest of scenarios though where you are following a RSS feed and want to know what is in the happening you will need to add to your reader as the current feed will no longer work.

see you soon at the new location. In case you forgot it is

*** The blog is moving ***

That is right, you read that title correct. After 215 posts and more than 19 months I am moving the blog off the coat-tails of WordPress. The intention is still the same. Photos, adventure, life and friends but the location is different. Think of this as moving from a cozy, low-ceilinged basement suite to a loft apartment with great light and a world of opportunity.

So here it is (insert drumroll here) – the new blog can be found at In a week or so, I will be directing all traffic to the new URL, so check it out soon and update your reader!


Scaling the Walls of Black Mountain

Black Mountain Panorama

There are so many hikes in and around the Vancouver area. One pretty famous trail is the Baden Powell. While not many people hike the 45km trail that runs from Deep Cove to Horeshoe Bay there are segments that make for great day hikes. There is one such segment that starts at the West end of the Trail in Horseshoe bay. A small pullout next to the ferry on Horseshoe Bay Road marks the trail head and the hike starts off wide and moderate. Soon though the trail starts up the steep side-slope of Black Mountain. This is a switchback climb that makes your quads and glutes have a bit of a workout. There are also a couple of Rock-Slide areas that you must scale to get to the top. Not overly challenging just a bit of a workout and some uneasy footing. Once through the slide areas there is a little more trail before an easy rock scramble to the top. Once at the summit there is a 270 degree view looking from the sunshine coast panning over to downtown. Beautiful hike and a great reward. This took around 3hrs return at a decent hiking pace.

I found this info on the hike. I don’t Buy it though. I would peg it more around 12km. It is also listed as a 7hr hike

Elevation Gain: 1192 m
Start Elevation: 25 m
Max Elevation: 1217 m
Total Distance: 16.0 km (return)










Impromptu Camping Trip Action

Went on a last minute camping trip this past weekend. We drove up the Fraser Canyon from Hope and found a spot next to the river to camp for the night. Nothing fancy just a plot of land and the water rushing behind. Following that, we continued North through Lillooet and Back to Vancouver passing Whistler along the way. Short and sweet but a nice way to get away from the city on a sunny long weekend.







Another Ride To Conquer Cancer Alberta Post – This Time Video

I put up a post about the 2011 Ride To Conquer Cancer Alberta a couple of days ago but I have had a bit of time today and put together a recap video consisting of time lapse and some photos. What do you think?

Alberta Bound – The Ride To Conquer Cancer

Over the past few days I have been hanging out in the land of Beef, Stampedes, cheap gas and no tax. That is right, Alberta. Heading out of Calgary was the Ride To conquer cancer where much like BC I was with Norco offering free tech support to all participants. In this segment of the ride, 2200+ riders raised a total of $8.6 Million towards Cancer Research.













Vancouver Canucks Game 7 Loss and Riot – Shame on you!

The Stanley Cup final is something that does not come to Vancouver all that often. It is a time to celebrate, a time to rejoice, a time to spend with friends. And then there is the other side. You would think that Vancouver Canucks’ fans would be used to losing by now, but now. The Stanley Cup game 7 loss to Boston is nothing more than an excuse to break shit.

Shame on you Vancouver!

I am a Canucks Fan. I am a Vancouver fan. I am a Canada Fan. I am a Hockey Fan.

If this happened during the Olympics a mere 14 months ago I would consider saying that I was ashamed to be associated with Canadians. This is the result of a loss. This is a shameful act of defiance and utter disregard for everything that is Canadian.

















A Day Away on Bowen Island

I have lived in a reasonable distance from Vancouver BC for most of the past 15 years or so. If you are a reasonable distance from Vancouver, it turns out that you are also a reasonable distance from a little hippy-clad place called Bowen Island. An area that is known of, an area that is respected, yet an area that not a ton of people go to. As a short little day trip adventure Kelly and I took off, parked in Horseshoe Bay and took the ferry over to Snug Cove on Bowen Island.

Walking off the ferry, the trails start immediately. There are two main hikes on the island. One that goes to the top of Mt Gardner and another that goes around Killarny Lake. For this trip we packed a lunch and took the short loop around the lake. Beautiful forest. great bridgework, a few viewpoints along the way. All in all a great walk/hike. Nothing crazy athletics wise, but relaxing, pretty and a great hike.









Taking some stills while being filmed

Been working a lot lately with Alex Lavigne of Alias Cinema on some shorty riding videos. It has been a ton of fun and we have seen some great riding through it. Tough to get stills when being filmed but here are a few shots from the last couple of shoots.








Letting the dog take us for a walk

Getting out there doesn’t always mean an epic-trans-continental adventure… Realizing that taking a dog for a walk can be an adventure on its owncan open real doors in enjoyment and photography. The following photos are nothing more than a walk in the park. But, at the same time taking the camera along on an otherwise non-adventure made for a fun deviation from simplicity. Getting Gus (the Bernese Mountain Dog) excited was as easy as pie and made for a great time and resulted in some great photos.