Vancouver Turns 125, Let’s Celebrate!

Vancouver is in it’s 125th year and to celebrate the city has put on a free concert series in Stanley Park. Heading down to watch Said The Whale perform in the Park I snapped a few photos. Here they are!

Vancouver a beautiful city and a great place to live!






Vancouver City At Night

A Teaser of A Thought

I was thinking about the summer and how it always seems to fly past way too quickly. That thought echoing through my head I came up with the idea of combining the summer into one super-awesome time-lapse video. I have never done anything this complex but I might as well give it a try. Newfound keen-ness in hand, this was the first shorty segment that I put together. Not saying this will make it into the final cut but it is something to start with.

Impromptu Camping Trip Action

Went on a last minute camping trip this past weekend. We drove up the Fraser Canyon from Hope and found a spot next to the river to camp for the night. Nothing fancy just a plot of land and the water rushing behind. Following that, we continued North through Lillooet and Back to Vancouver passing Whistler along the way. Short and sweet but a nice way to get away from the city on a sunny long weekend.







Another Ride To Conquer Cancer Alberta Post – This Time Video

I put up a post about the 2011 Ride To Conquer Cancer Alberta a couple of days ago but I have had a bit of time today and put together a recap video consisting of time lapse and some photos. What do you think?

Alberta Bound – The Ride To Conquer Cancer

Over the past few days I have been hanging out in the land of Beef, Stampedes, cheap gas and no tax. That is right, Alberta. Heading out of Calgary was the Ride To conquer cancer where much like BC I was with Norco offering free tech support to all participants. In this segment of the ride, 2200+ riders raised a total of $8.6 Million towards Cancer Research.













The Ride To Conquer Cancer – Vancouver To Seattle

The BC Ride To Conquer Cancer is a 2 Day, 220km ride from Vancouver BC to Seattle Washington. For 2011, more than 2800 riders raised in excess of $11.1 Million. WOW!

With work, I took on the challenge of keeping all of these bikes in working order for the duration. Offering free tech support to the onslaught of cyclists I do not want to see another flat tire for some time. With countless flats, bent wheels, mis-aligned derailleurs, missing pedal cleats, etc. etc. etc. I am happy it is over but I had a lot of fun at the event.

Next weekend I am doing the same thing all over again in Calgary. I will update on that one in a week or so.


and a video.

Vancouver Canucks Game 7 Loss and Riot – Shame on you!

The Stanley Cup final is something that does not come to Vancouver all that often. It is a time to celebrate, a time to rejoice, a time to spend with friends. And then there is the other side. You would think that Vancouver Canucks’ fans would be used to losing by now, but now. The Stanley Cup game 7 loss to Boston is nothing more than an excuse to break shit.

Shame on you Vancouver!

I am a Canucks Fan. I am a Vancouver fan. I am a Canada Fan. I am a Hockey Fan.

If this happened during the Olympics a mere 14 months ago I would consider saying that I was ashamed to be associated with Canadians. This is the result of a loss. This is a shameful act of defiance and utter disregard for everything that is Canadian.

















A Day Away on Bowen Island

I have lived in a reasonable distance from Vancouver BC for most of the past 15 years or so. If you are a reasonable distance from Vancouver, it turns out that you are also a reasonable distance from a little hippy-clad place called Bowen Island. An area that is known of, an area that is respected, yet an area that not a ton of people go to. As a short little day trip adventure Kelly and I took off, parked in Horseshoe Bay and took the ferry over to Snug Cove on Bowen Island.

Walking off the ferry, the trails start immediately. There are two main hikes on the island. One that goes to the top of Mt Gardner and another that goes around Killarny Lake. For this trip we packed a lunch and took the short loop around the lake. Beautiful forest. great bridgework, a few viewpoints along the way. All in all a great walk/hike. Nothing crazy athletics wise, but relaxing, pretty and a great hike.









Bike To Work Week – Takin’ It To The Streets

Bike To Work Week is something that holds some hidden resentment. We all like the idea of being eco-friendly, saving money, being healthy etc. etc. etc…

But then, it is really easy to strap yourself to the top of the Hemi and catch the easy train into work. I know this solely because I am describing myself. Despite my discomfort in the rain, and affinity towards dry warm places – this past week I took part in Bike to Work Week. For the first half of the week I rode my bike into work. A total of 120km in two days. For the second half of the week though I took it to the streets to do some photoggin’ and bike repairs. Plus, after a bit of rain, the sun came out and made for an awesome end to the week.

It isn’t all bad… Plus, June is Bike Month so maybe continuing on with the whole enviro-health-$$$ kick could be a good idea?









My Hat Is Off To You

Once a year, the North Burnaby community comes together to celebrate Hats Off Day. I will be honest, I do not know why it is called Hats Off Day nor do I really care. It is a fun atmosphere though where the city comes together to embrace the community, local business and the summer ahead. This year, falling on Saturday June 4th, 2011 The event kicked off with a parade. After the procession of people, vehicles, animals and anything else able to move at 2km/h for 90 min came a car show, clowns, music, food and festivities for the neighborhood to enjoy. Hastings st. from Gamma ave all the way to boundary was blocked off to traffic and became home to thousands of people out for a day’s enjoyment.

Here are a few pics from the event.