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Another Shot at Time-lapse From a Different Perspective

I have done a few time-lapse videos over the past 18 months or so. This one is a little different though. This was taken from one perspective through the whole video. That perspective is from my chest. Mounting the camera to my chest using the strap and a bicycle tube I took a photo every second while riding a local favorite XC loop. I set this up with a 10mm lens at 1/50th of a second for the ride. Cool result too, a little rough at times but worked pretty well. I would consider doing this again with a tighter mount and a slightly shorter exposure time.

You be the judge though, what do you think?

A Teaser of A Thought

I was thinking about the summer and how it always seems to fly past way too quickly. That thought echoing through my head I came up with the idea of combining the summer into one super-awesome time-lapse video. I have never done anything this complex but I might as well give it a try. Newfound keen-ness in hand, this was the first shorty segment that I put together. Not saying this will make it into the final cut but it is something to start with.

Another Ride To Conquer Cancer Alberta Post – This Time Video

I put up a post about the 2011 Ride To Conquer Cancer Alberta a couple of days ago but I have had a bit of time today and put together a recap video consisting of time lapse and some photos. What do you think?

The Ride To Conquer Cancer – Vancouver To Seattle

The BC Ride To Conquer Cancer is a 2 Day, 220km ride from Vancouver BC to Seattle Washington. For 2011, more than 2800 riders raised in excess of $11.1 Million. WOW!

With work, I took on the challenge of keeping all of these bikes in working order for the duration. Offering free tech support to the onslaught of cyclists I do not want to see another flat tire for some time. With countless flats, bent wheels, mis-aligned derailleurs, missing pedal cleats, etc. etc. etc. I am happy it is over but I had a lot of fun at the event.

Next weekend I am doing the same thing all over again in Calgary. I will update on that one in a week or so.


and a video.

Taking some stills while being filmed

Been working a lot lately with Alex Lavigne of Alias Cinema on some shorty riding videos. It has been a ton of fun and we have seen some great riding through it. Tough to get stills when being filmed but here are a few shots from the last couple of shoots.








The Sunshine Coaster DH – Where Did The Rat Go?

The Sunshine Coaster DH, formerly known as the Rat Race is a great little event in Roberts Creek BC. This is a 40min ferry ride north of Vancouver on the Sunshine Coast. I decided to head over to the event to participate in the DH race portion of the event. Not usually a DH kinda racer but what the hell right? To keep it a little closer to home I rode my 5″ travel All Mountain bike.

A 5″ travel All Mountain Bike is not necessarily the best choice for a DH race but being relatively flat and mellow I figured I would give it a try. Didn’t set any land speed records on this one but settled into a respectable 5th place in the field of 38. I was pretty stoked. Next year we’ll shoot for podium.

Given that I was racing, it was not the most convenient event to take photos at but I managed to get a few after my run. I also have a gopro practice run from a few days prior.



Photo by Dustan Sept

photo by Dustan Sept

photo by Dustan Sept

photo by Dustan Sept

photo by Dustan Sept

Another Dry Sea Otter – They are better that way!

Another year, another trip to the wonderful Sea Otter Classic. Four days of racing, riding, demos, events and trade-show awesomeness!!! Looking back the trip down south was 11 days 4000km, 6 burritos, too much beer, one ride and about 20GB of media to work my way through. Here are a few photos from the trip. Next year, think about heading down, it is a whole lot of fun.










and a short little video that I through together just for the fun of it…

The Ride To Conquer Cancer – In a slightly elongated nutshell

This is a time lapse video from the half way camp in the 2010 BC Ride To Conquer Cancer. This was approximately 2000 photos crammed into a little over 2 minutes. Enjoy!